Sunday, May 9, 2021

 I am in a real quandary...What to do with my Rhythm Exclusive Program.   I am not even breaking even but I don't want to stop making quality square dance music. The callers, of course, want to pick an choose the one or two songs they want and leave the rest. Whether or not I lose money is of no concern to them, nor should it be. Unfortunately it does have to concern me.

This was the reason that I started the program originally... to try and at least break even.  It was named "Exclusive" because it was originally designed for callers who wanted all the Rhythm music, no matter the song.  I somehow got talked out of that premise but I think it is time to go back to it.  If I am going to lose money, it will be while providing quality music to those callers who have supported me these past 45 years.  If it gets too expensive,  I will simply have to stop providing music for this activity.  I am unsure if a great many of the callers can tell the difference anyway!

I think it is time to make the music available in the package only with no single being offered, ever!  Those who genuinely appreciate good music will continue to purchase the package, and those who do not just won't.  And that is OK!  Every store cannot be a Neiman-Marcus and every automobile cannot be a Rolls-Royce. There must be a Walmart and a Toyota. I simply choose Neiman's and the Rolls.

I think it is time to make a new flyer.

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