Thursday, May 20, 2021

 If anyone who reads this has any suggestions relative to solving what I see as a problem, please let me know.   Problem:  convincing other music producers that the increased investment necessary to produce a quality product is worth it.  this creates problem #2:  getting the producers to recognize that they just might not be putting out a quality product.  and problem #3: getting them to recognize the difference.

I think we are back to the "ugly baby syndrome" .   In other words every producer thinks his music is wonderful simply because he produced it.  when a song is mixed it is a little (very little) like having a baby but it is one that can be edited.  It is very easy to immediately become enamored with it even though it might be somewhat ugly.  We forget that we can edit it.  I oft times wonder if the reason that produces do not make improvements in a piece of music is because it 1) costs more money  2)  they don't know how or 3) they do not recognize the need.  Normally the money issue is small because an adjusted mix is sometimes all that is needed.  I think most producers would welcome help  if offered except for the fact that they most times don't see the need.

This sounds ego driven but it's actually not.   Most of the label send me comp copies of their music which I deeply appreciate and I try to use them all.   Some, however, are not useable for a variety of reasons, mostly in quality and/or arranging.  It is almost Never due to bad music.  That kind of narrows down the source of the problem.  There are, as a rule, multiple ways to arrange a given song but only one correct one.  If the producer make a good arrangement, the musicians can almost always pull it off,.  

I find myself using 98% of the music for my dances from1 to 3 labels.  Reasons are these:

1.    Arrangement is bad

2.    Sounds nothing like the original

3.    Not danceable  (the rhythm track should be decided by the producer)

Sometimes, I have actually take a piece of music and, using my software, rearranged it to a useable form.

I told a producer about doing this once and he has not spoken to me since so I won't be doing that anymore.  It is easier to just record it again on my own label.

Oh well,   Perhaps, I am wrong  Could be, but don't think so.

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